Current Students


Most online courses require a textbook. Textbooks may be purchased through MBS Direct or other online or traditional retail bookstores.

Buy Books

Be sure to verify the title, edition, author, ISBN number, etc., that are listed for each required text in your class(es) and plan ahead to have your textbooks available by the start date of your course. 
Materials may also be purchased from MBS Direct via phone, fax, or mail:

MBS Direct, 2711 West Ash, Columbia, Missouri 65203
800-325-3252 (phone)
573-441-9179 (international phone)
800-499-0143 (fax)

When ordering textbooks over the phone at MBS, identify yourself as a UW-Extension student and specify your program of study—Health and Wellness Management—along with the course numbers and titles to identify your courses and texts.

New or Used Text?

In most cases, you have the option to purchase a new or used textbook. When purchasing a used text, please note that some textbooks require students to have a special code to access required supplemental materials. These codes are often not available with used texts, but they can be purchased separately. If you purchase a used text, check your course syllabus to see whether you need to purchase this code. If so, buy the code through the book’s publisher.

What are eBooks?

If you are considering purchasing an eBook, read through the FAQ section at MBS Direct. Click on "Customer Services" and select "Help" and in the FAQ section click on "eContent - eBooks".

When your textbook is available as an eBook, you will see that option listed at the MBS Direct website. An eBook is an electronic version of a traditional print book that can be read by using a personal computer or other electronic reader, such as an iPad. Be sure to download your eBooks on the device you intend to use and not on shared or lab computers. Once an eBook title has been downloaded, it cannot be returned.

What Is the MBS Return Policy?

Go to MBS Direct. Click on "Customer Services" and select "Help" and in the FAQ section click "Returns" or "Buyback" to read about return and book buyback book policies.

May I Purchase Texts from Other Vendors?

You are welcome to buy your books anywhere; however, it is your responsibility to obtain the correct book (and appropriate edition) listed for your class. Be very careful to use the exact ISBN numbers to ensure that you have the correct edition of the text. Allow enough time for delivery to ensure your books arrive by the start of your course. UW-Extension is not responsible for texts purchased through another vendor. Please review the return and book buyback policies when purchasing.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions about your textbooks, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 1-877-UW-LEARN (877-895-3276).