UW Health & Wellness Management Program FAQs

Find answers to common questions about the University of Wisconsin Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management.

Why choose a degree in Health and Wellness Management?

A Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management degree gives you the skills necessary to design, develop, implement, and maintain effective health and wellness programs. Healthcare/wellness programs are growing despite the challenging economic environment. A Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management can be the foundation for a variety of positions, including:

  • Health and wellness manager
  • Corporate wellness coordinator
  • Health coach
  • Director of sports, fitness, and wellness

These positions may be part of any employer, public or private, from healthcare systems to educational institutions, manufacturers, service or retail industries, community settings, and more. If you are currently working in, or seeking to work in, fields such as employee benefits, insurance, human resources, or corporate health promotion, a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management may be for you.

For whom is the program intended?

The program is primarily aimed at working adults and nontraditional learners who are seeking to complete their degrees or earn a new degree to advance their careers and position themselves for success in the exciting world of health promotion. Working parents, professionals, and veterans will find the flexibility of online courses to be especially convenient.

What are the admission requirements?

The online Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management is a degree completion program designed for students who already have some college credits or a liberal arts–based associate degree. You may be eligible for admission to this program if you have completed an associate degree or approximately 60 credits of transferable general education coursework with a 2.0 or better grade point average (GPA) and the following prerequisite courses: Introductory Psychology, Introductory Biology, Introductory Speech or Public Speaking, and English Composition. Prospective students who do not meet these requirements can contact hwm@uwex.edu or 1-877-UW-LEARN (895-3276) to discuss options for meeting the requirements.

Are there any program prerequisites?

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management has four prerequisite courses. If you have not completed some or all of these prerequisites as part of an associate degree or prior coursework, you will need to complete them, or equivalent courses, before taking specific Health and Wellness Management coursework. UW campus equivalents or other college/university equivalents may be substituted. The four prerequisite courses are:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Biology
  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Composition II

How do I apply?

For details about how to apply, see our Application and Admission page. A friendly enrollment adviser will be happy to help you through the process.

Do I need to take the ACT or SAT?

If you have an associate degree or equivalent coursework, the ACT or SAT is not required.

How do I know whether my credits will transfer?

Courses completed at other colleges or universities that have descriptions closely matching the descriptions of courses taught at the home campus will generally transfer as direct course equivalents, but may not be used for the balance of the degree requirements.

If you have completed coursework at a University of Wisconsin or Wisconsin Technical College System campus, you can use the University of Wisconsin Transfer Information System to evaluate how your credits might transfer to your Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management home campus.

Once you have been admitted as a transfer student and confirm your intention to enroll, your home campus will conduct a complete credit evaluation.

What campuses are offering this degree?

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management is granted by four institutions: UW-La Crosse, UW-River Falls, UW-Stevens Point, and UW-Superior.

What is a “home” campus and why do I need to choose one?

Although you will take courses taught by faculty from all four partner campuses and complete your program entirely online, you will be asked to choose a “home” campus from one of the program’s degree-granting institutions: UW-La Crosse, UW-River Falls, UW-Stevens Point, or UW-Superior. Your home campus is the institution from which you will receive financial aid (if you qualify), advising, career services, and ultimately, your diploma.

Is this an online program?

Yes, this degree is offered completely online; there are no on-campus meetings or requirements. Books and materials are handled through an online bookstore. For a list of frequently asked questions about online learning, please see the page, “Are Online Courses Right for You?

Are there specific enrollment/start times?

You may enter the program at the beginning of any term (fall, spring, or summer). Courses are offered in fall (starting early September), spring (starting late January), and summer (starting early June) semesters.

How can I tell whether online learning is right for me?

See the page, “Are Online Courses Right for You?” and call a friendly enrollment adviser at 1-877-UW-LEARN (895-3276) if you have any questions.

Who are the instructors for the program?

Courses in the Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management program are taught by faculty from the four participating campuses. Online courses have the same rigor, requirements, and expert faculty as classes taught on campus.

What subjects will the program cover?

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management teaches students about health issues, health and wellness information technologies, strategies for creating health behavior changes, leadership and change management, the seven dimensions of wellness and more. Subject areas include:

  • Human health
  • Health psychology
  • Health coaching
  • Population health
  • Communication strategies
  • Technology literacy
  • Management strategies
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Ethics and policy

View our Course descriptions page for details.

What courses are required?

You are required to take all of the 21 courses in the curriculum, including the capstone. There are no electives. Because of the unique nature of the program, no other courses may be substituted for courses in the curriculum. View our complete course listing.

How long does it take to complete a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management degree?

It depends on how many courses you take in a semester. Twenty-one courses with three credits each are required. Courses are offered in the fall, spring, and summer sessions, so it would be possible to complete the degree in as little as two years, but only if you take full credit loads (approximately four Health and Wellness Management courses) each semester. Students are encouraged to consider their own time constraints when estimating time to completion. Students with work, family, and volunteer obligations may require a slower pace.

How long do I have to earn my degree?

There is no completion deadline. You may take as many semesters as you need to earn your degree.

Are internships a required part of the program?

No. However, starting in fall 2015, the course, HWM 496: Capstone, will require students to obtain field experience. Students will complete a 100-hour field experience project with the goal of gaining hands-on experience in this exciting field.

What are the program’s tuition and fees?

Tuition for the online Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management program is $390 per credit (63 credits total) whether you live in Wisconsin or out of state. All courses are three credits. Textbooks are purchased separately and are not included in tuition. There are no additional course or program fees. As this is an online program, students do not pay segregated fees—fees in addition to tuition that cover the costs of student-organized activities, facility maintenance, and operations such as student health centers.

Can I get financial aid?

A variety of financial aid opportunities are available for returning adult students. Contact the Financial Aid Office at your home campus for detailed information.

Are there benefits for veterans?

Yes. Contact the Veterans Coordinator at your home campus for details.

How do I withdraw from a course?

Add/drop/withdrawal deadlines for the University of Wisconsin Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management are subject to the policies of your home campus.

Prior to withdrawing, we recommend that you talk with your instructor and/or adviser. For more information about the withdrawal policy and deadlines, please contact your home campus adviser.

How can I contact an adviser?

Contact an adviser at 1-877-UW-LEARN (895-3276) or learn@uwex.edu. Current students can email hwm@uwex.edu.

Are you ready to get started? Call an adviser at 1-877-UW-LEARN (895-3276) between 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. CT Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday, and 9 a.m. to noon on the first Saturday of the month, or email us anytime at learn@uwex.edu.