Health & Wellness News Roundup – April 23

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A healthy twist on an old favorite? See below.

Here’s your weekly roundup of the latest health and wellness news! This week, our team shares stories about:

  • The perfect amount of exercise. (It’s not as impossible as you might think.) Any amount of exercise is going to do wonders for your health, but it turns out the often-cited 150 minutes of activity per week is actually the minimum recommended amount. Recent research found that the exercise sweet spot is triple that amount–or a little more than an hour of moderate exercise per day. Pepper your week with more brisk, long walks and you will prolong your life.
  • Improving your workplace wellness program evaluation skills. Flip to page 21 of the spring edition of Forward HR magazine for five tips on how to become a better evaluator. The article was written by HWM’s very own program manager, Theresa Islo.
  • An apple a day can’t keep the doctor away, but a painting of one might. Garden, puzzle, paint, sculpt, garden, craft, join a book club. If you have an artistic or social hobby when you’re middle aged, you’ll lower your risk of getting dementia later in life by a whopping 50 percent.
  • Starting with the lunch line. How do you get a wellness initiative going? Learn from this South Carolina company, which started with small, inexpensive changes such as removing fried food from the cafeteria menu and putting a salad bar full of colorful vegetables front and center.

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Health & Wellness News Roundup – April 16

wellness newsAs a health promoter and educator, it’s important to keep up with the latest health and wellness news. That’s why each week, we scour the Web to bring you the best stories on health research, corporate wellness, fitness, nutrition, wearable tech, and more. Share these articles with colleagues and employees, or simply stay on the cutting edge yourself!

This week, we share five stories:

  • What Seventh-day Adventists and citizens of Okinawa, Japan have in common. Both live in Blue Zones, regions with the world’s highest concentrations of centenarians. Researchers credit their long lives to plant-based diets, strong social ties, and other healthy behaviors.
  • “Meaningful” being the operative word. Two things are key to selling the value of employee wellness programs: 1) More meaningful initiatives than just giving out gym membership reimbursements, and 2) understanding ROI.
  • Unfortunate news for young women’s hearts. In women between ages 29 and 45, the incidence of heart disease is rising. A bunch of reasons account for it, but most of all stress. Women underestimate the dangers of heart disease, worrying about cancer when actually heart attacks and strokes are their number one killer.
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One Student’s Journey from Nutrition Enthusiast to Future Health and Wellness Program Manager

wellness program manager
Cynthia Okeleye will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Health and Wellness Management in May.

When you see a burger or a slice of pie, which of these is your first thought:

  1. Looks delicious; must eat now
  2. I probably shouldn’t *
  3. What’s in this food?

*But you eat anyway

If you chose number three, then you have something in common with Cynthia Okeleye. She enrolled in the UW Health and Wellness Management program a year and a half ago, but she has been fascinated with nutrition for much of her life.

“I think it’s important to know the whole process food goes through before it ends up on our plates,” she says. This interest is one of the driving forces that set her on the path to become a health and wellness manager. [Read more…]

Health and Wellness Gave Her a New Beginning, and Now, a Career in Corporate Wellness

Jessica Waytashek corporate wellness program coordinator
Jessica Waytashek manages a corporate wellness program for Mills Fleet Farm. This spring, she will earn a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management from University of Wisconsin.

Mom. Wife. Personal Trainer. Marathon Runner. Fitness & Health Advocate.

After reading Jessica Waytashek’s ten-word Twitter description, it’s hard to believe that she could fit anything more into her busy life. But she’s also a student in the University of Wisconsin Health and Wellness Management program, set to earn her bachelor’s degree this spring.

What’s even more impressive is that Jessica has already landed a job as the health and wellness coordinator for Mills Fleet Farm. She was originally hired as a benefits specialist, but the company created a new position for her last May after considering her interests and soon-to-be degree. At the moment, she is designing a corporate wellness program, which includes health risk assessments and biometric screenings.

Jessica loves it.

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It’s a Hit! Free Online Worksite Wellness Course Draws 1,600 Attendees

Expert Dr. David Chenoweth, instructor for worksite wellness course
Internationally known wellness expert Dr. David Chenoweth hosted Dynamics of Worksite Wellness Evaluation and ROI, a free online course offered by the University of Wisconsin Health and Wellness Management program in fall 2014.

This past fall, the University of Wisconsin Health and Wellness Management program offered a free online course in worksite wellness program evaluation—and it was a hit!

More than 1,600 attended Dynamics of Worksite Wellness Evaluation and ROI, a four-session massive open online course (MOOC) that kicked off October 20. Hosted by renowned wellness expert Dr. David Chenoweth, the course taught attendees from around the world the tools and strategies they need to evaluate worksite wellness programs, calculate ROI, and prove the value of wellness initiatives to top management within their organizations.

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How Healthy is Your Wellness Program? Find Out in October—Attend a Free Online Course in Workplace Wellness ROI

Whether you’d like to start a workplace wellness program or you want to gauge the effectiveness of the program you already have, you need to know how to measure its impact—on employees and on the organization’s bottom line.

This October, learn the tools the tools you need to prove the value of any worksite wellness program.
This October, learn the tools you need to prove the value of any worksite wellness program.

That’s why the University of Wisconsin Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management program has partnered with renowned wellness expert, Dr. David Chenoweth, to bring you Dynamics of Worksite Wellness Evaluation and ROI—a FREE four-session, online MOOC (massive open online course) starting October 20. [Read more…]

The Secret to Successful Worksite Wellness Programs? Branding.

uw hwmApple, Google, Coca-Cola – great companies have great brands. While essential to a company’s success, creating a successful brand is no easy task. Branding health and wellness programs is no less essential and equally as challenging. Instructors with the University of Wisconsin’s online Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management program understand this challenge, and they see the need to train wellness professionals capable of branding successful programs.

“Branding your products and services is about building trust,” says Theresa Islo, UW Health and Wellness Management program manager, “and branding a wellness program is no different. Great brands build and maintain trust through consistently positive consumer experiences.” [Read more…]

Be Proactive: Shaping Your Career in Health and Wellness Management

Be passionate, be proactive, and be personal. That’s Michelle Spehr’s approach to her career and her life. As a health and wellness consultant with the Benefit Services Group, Inc., her passion is helping others improve their well-being through health and wellness management programs. For Spehr, the well-being of others is personal.

Michelle Spehr – Health and Wellness Consultant, The Benefit Services Group, Inc.

“I was drawn to health and wellness as a result of my personal experience growing up with a family member living with end stage renal disease,” Spehr says. “Many diseases are preventable or can be better managed. I wanted a career that would contribute to helping individuals make lifestyle decisions that can prevent serious health issues.” [Read more…]

Changing Roles and Growing Opportunities in Health and Wellness Management

Erin Ratelis

Just over 15 years ago, the health and wellness job landscape looked vastly different, and less promising, than today. Erin Ratelis, the director of content development with Optum Resource Center for Health and Well-Being, knows this firsthand. She was wrapping up her bachelor’s degree in community health education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, preparing to head into the workforce. Her goal was improving people’s health. However, at the time, there simply weren’t a lot of jobs geared toward the skill set of a health and wellness professional.

“When I started out, you really had to dig to find a wellness-related job opening,” says Ratelis, who is also an advisory board member for the UW online Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management program. “Now, there’s this entire burgeoning business around health and wellness. Employers, health plans, entrepreneurs, and public entities all over the world are investing in the idea of creating a culture of health and well-being.” [Read more…]

Career Opportunities in Health and Wellness Management Grow as More Employers Demand Worker Participation in Worksite Wellness

Historically, employers have had to foot the bill for healthcare. Workers rarely understand how much this costs employers, but the marketplace is happy working outdoorschanging – fast. An industry previously reliant on employers absorbing the costs of employee health coverage is becoming a thing of the past, as employers seek to battle rising healthcare costs. One way employers are trying to control costs is through voluntary, incentive-based wellness programs. But a growing number demand that employees participate in programs or pay up.

Regardless of the approach, getting a wellness program in place can be successfully accomplished – especially with a professional knowledgeable in health and wellness management leading the effort. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 21-percent growth rate in this profession over the next decade. The University of Wisconsin’s online Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management program was created to meet this growing demand. [Read more…]