Program Information

The online Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management is a degree completion program designed to equip you with the skills necessary to design, develop, implement, and maintain health and wellness programs in the workplace. This degree program will help you learn more about the seven dimensions of wellness and how they affect our lives and well-being.

Companies and agencies nationwide need qualified individuals who can manage and administer health and wellness programs across departments and business units to reduce healthcare costs and improve productivity and employee well-being. According to a 2009 survey by the Integrated Benefits Institute, 68 percent of responding employers who provide any health and productivity initiatives said that they plan to expand these efforts over the next two years. A Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness can be the foundation for a variety of positions including:

Prospective students for healthcare/wellness programs range from insurance professionals, human resources administrators, nurses and fitness coaches, to health educators and health promoters.

The average salary for a wellness professional is $55,000, according to a 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics survey.